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I have been a traveler on many paths in my life and some of them have been more than a little bumpy.  In those bumpy paths and times I had to learn how to keep my head above water and finance my various job and dream pursuits – and learn the resilience to bounce back when they didn’t pan out.  While not from a rich family, I was fortunate to have had more exposure to some financial concepts and assets than most people do in their whole lives - and I incorporated them into my life.   I also learned that we can't count on a Prince Charming to come along and take care of us, so we had better learn enough about money to be self-reliant....   So - I did!

Much of my professional career after getting my MBA has revolved around money and people’s dreams.   I have taught financial and mortgage education and credit repair classes to Realtors and in the community and, as a former SEC- licensed Investment Advisor Representative, I worked in a financial planning business.  I’ve been an active investor in the oil and gas business, the stock market and in the real estate market - buying, flipping, and holding properties – for many years.  I like to help make goals and dreams possible.  Both mine and other peoples'.

My mission has always been to be of service in helping my clients learn to know whether they are getting a “good deal” or not on Anything – and how to avoid making bad decisions.  I am especially passionate about working with women regarding their financial life, their money, and growing their literacy and financial independence.   


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